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Improving Aluminum Strength with Chemical Modification based on Titanium and Boron Elements

In general, Al5TiB is added to hypoeutectic Al-Si alloys with Si levels <12%. The addition of Al5Tib grain refiner to hypoeutectic Al-Si alloy has been shown to be effective in increasing the mechanical properties of the alloy. While the addition of Al5TiB grain refiner to the Al-11% Si alloy master has never been done. This study aims to determine the effect of adding Al5TiB grain refiner to the microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-Si eutectic alloys (Si 11%). The mechanical property to be known after the addition of Al5TiB grain refiner is hardness. In this research Al-11% Si material was used. Al5TiB grain refiner added to Al-11% Si material to determine changes in microstructure and the value of violence that occurs. The results showed that the addition of Al5TiB would produce a large number of fine grains with a uniform distribution and shortening the distance between dendrite arms. The results of the hardness test showed that the hardness tended to increase with increasing levels of Al5TiB grain refiner added. The decreasing in the value of hardness in the addition of Al5TiB grain refiner with 0,15% is due to the addition of Al5TiB grain refiner has exceeded its maximum limit.

The publication can be downloaded here.

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